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How to hack Speedy ninja?

Do you play Speedy Ninja? The game was in closed beta in August and now available worldwide. http://www.androidcentral.com/chinese-publisher-netease-launch-endless-runner-speedy-ninja-closed-beta-april-8

It's one of my favorite game now. A very fun and challenging endless runner on mobile platforms. There are lots of hacks for Speedy Ninja but I recently discover one that works really well. Why hack?

I means if you're enjoying this game, you should play it without hacking or cheating but for me, sometime I find hacking game is fun. If you are a mobile game developer or have knowledge about android or ios, you can develop your own hack easily.

For me, it's better to search around the web to see if I can find something that already out there. After a few minutes, I got the hack version installed. It is much more fun with everything unlocked. The skills are so cool and so do the characters and customs. You can download the mod version here: http://hacklus.com/speedy-ninja-hack/